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Bailey Bridges to Repair the General Cañas Highway

San Jose, Costa Rica – A quick fix was needed on the main highway outside of San Jose to get the flow of traffic back to normal and one was found. The Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) has completed installation of two bailey bridges in the General Cañas highway at the height of Los Arcos where the huge sinkhole occurred. The only thing is these bridges are usually used as a temporary fix until the repair is done.  I am willing to wager that they stay there for a very long time just like the ones on the way to Tibas, which have been a “temporary solution” for over 3 years.

Both structures are 30 meters long were laid and they began work today to build asphalt ramps for entry and exit to the bridges.

The MOPT estimates that they will continue to work this morning and all weekend to make sure both ramps are operational.

Today in the afternoon they blocked a lane on the highway while performing some work for those ramps, as well as the placement of a plastic protector. The lane is now open again.

The road has been closed after a sinkhole occurred in the road almost 4 meters deep would not allow any type of vehicle travel over it.

It was not until yesterday morning that it was restored by a step in the opposite lane which established partial transit on the highway to Alajuela.


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