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Backpacking Through Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – There are many ways to get around Costa Rica; Rental Cars, Flights, Private Transfers, Taxis, Buses this list goes on and on. Backpacking is the favorite way to travel for many tourists!

backpacking costa ricaMeet locals, save money, experience your destination with people from around the world, what could be better? If you want to backpack in Latin America Costa Rica is the safest choice. Plus, there’s a lot to do in Costa Rica. The government has invested millions in improving tourism which means there are buses to travel easily between points of interest and there are national parks and museums which are kept nice. Locals are almost always willing to help strangers find their way.

In almost every part of the country backpackers can find accommodations easily. Below are some suggestions of backpacker friendly areas. Most travelers start in San Jose, the capital. There are probably 20 backpacker hostels in San Jose, starting at just $5 per night. I lived at Casa Yoses for a whole month! Another popular one is Hostel Pangea. San Jose is small as far as cities go but there is a lot of culture and even beauty if you look for it. Check out the Museum of Jade or the group of 3 museums under Plaza de la Cultura. The best part of San Jose is that there are buses from there to any destination you can imagine.

If you want to be at the beach asap Jaco is the closest. It’s about 2.5 hours from the capital. Jaco is well known for surfing and nightlife. Hotel Kangaroo or Nathon’s Surfer Hostel are both good accommodation choices.

Manuel Antonio is a small yet gorgeous beach south of Jaco. It’s one of the most diverse areas outside of the city. Here you will find French Canadians, Jamaicans, hippies, and lifelong fishermen.  Backpackers Manuel Antonio and Finca Amanecer are near the National Park.

Monteverde is the opposite of the beach locations. Up high in the clouds-don’t forget to bring a jacket- you will find yourself watching rainbows while standing out in the mist. Try an early morning canopy tour through the cloud forest. Backpackers can choose to camp or stay at a hostel here or in nearby Santa Elena.

From Monteverde you can take a boat ride across the lake to La Fortuna where backpackers can sleep near Arenal Volcano for only $10 a night. There is a waterfall tour you can do self-guided for free!

In case you fly into Liberia look for a hostel in Tamarindo for partying or by Rincon de la Vieja for a relaxing stay in a national park full of outdoor activities.

If you enjoy quiet days, funky nights, and great food check out Montezuma and Malpais. These are known as the towns where surfers go out in the early a.m. then sleep all day only to wake up right in time for the nightlife to begin!

A trip to Tortuguero will make you feel that you have been transported to an earlier time. You will experience a more indigenous Caribbean vibe. In fact, most hostels and restaurants here are run by one family. You may be able to see giant turtles lay eggs or the baby turtles hatch.

South of Tortuguero you will find Puerto Viejo, the home of Rockin Js hostel which offers tent or hammock accommodations and throws a big party every night. Don’t leave the Caribbean side without tasting some rice and beans made with coconut.

For the adventure seekers –  Do you think you can climb the highest mountain, Chirripo? It takes 4 days so bring a tent and some warm clothes. Chirripo is located in the south, great to tackle on your way to Panama.

By Kerry La

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