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Avoiding Costa Rica Travel Mistakes

Costa Rica Travel News – Like many mistakes, those associated with Costa Rican travel can be prevented with a little effort and preparation. There are some common mistakes to be aware of and learn from so you don’t fall for these universal wrong doings.

costa rica travel mistakes mainFlexibility of travel dates is something many people make mistakes with. If you have the opportunity to change your travel dates even by a few days you could save an incredible amount. Insisting on weekend travel is a huge mistake. Mid-week fares are always lower. May through November is the low season in Costa Rica so flights and hotels will be cheaper. Fly on a Tuesday in November and you are looking at half price compared to a Saturday in January.

Maps are deceiving! The distances are much further than they look due to mountains, dirt roads, and constant highway repairs. Trying to schedule too many activities in different locations into your schedule is the next common mistake. Expect to travel to a location one day and do an activity in that area the next day.

Most people go on vacation with a budget in mind, that’s a good start. To avoid under-budgeting add $25 per day into your budget for unexpected fees. Remember to include ATM fees, taxi fare, taxes, and tips in your expectations.

Costa Rica’s all-inclusive resorts are the same as all-inclusive resorts in any other country. It’s a mistake to book the whole trip at an all-inclusive because you could have an identical vacation in your home country! Costa Rica has so much to see outside of hotels. Don’t miss out on local food and activities by paying to stay and eat at an all-inclusive.

Packing 3 suitcases is a mistake you will pay for throughout the whole trip. It will be more costly and more of a hassle to travel with more than a bag per person. Some buses and domestic flights only allow one bag. You only need a handful of lightweight layers, two pairs of shoes, your passport, and a camera.

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