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Average Legal Pot Buyer Is 37

World News – So all those 35 to 40 year olds still smoking you are not alone. 

smoking marijuana mainThe average legal pot buyer is a 37-year-old man who spends $647 a year on marijuana, according to Washington State sales data reviewed by Headset Inc., a cannabis-related research company. On average he buys once every 19.5 days.

However it’s millennials who make the most purchases, with over 50 percent of the marijuana bought by shoppers age 21-34.

While the “youngs” made more purchases, they tended to spend less each time, spending a median of just $27. However they made more trips each time, a median of 16 days versus 18.2 and 20 days for consumers in their thirties and forties.

‘”As you’re older, you might have more money to go and make bigger purchases,” Headset co-founder Cy Scott told Bloomberg. “The millennials might be out and about more; they can drop into [marijuana dispensaries] more often. Older people might just plan more.”

As they say, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

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