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AutoMercado Opens New Store Called Vindi

Vindi is the name of the new convenience store chain will open its doors Thursday with a first location in San Joaquin de Flores in Heredia. The chain is owned by AutoMercado.  Guillermo Alonso, head of the new project, explained that the plan of the firm is open six points in different parts of the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) at the end of 2012. In fact, next week is scheduled to open the second Vindi in Lindora, Santa Ana.

By 2013 the projection of the company is open 12 convenience stores also in the GAM. The executive did not rule out extending this format to other areas of the country.

With respect to Vindi, stores will measure between 400 and 500 square meters. The investment for each point is $ 300,000 in property and equipment only.

It does not include the amount that was spent in the construction of the premises, and not attributing Alonso revealed confidential information.

Unlike supermarkets AutoMercado, the Vindi have a third of the products, although Alonso reiterated that each point will have fresh supply, quality and variety of domestic and imported.

These stores generate on average 18 jobs and hours will be from 6 am to 10:30 pm

Vindi come to compete with names like ampm and Fresh Market, the two forms of major convenience stores in the niche market.

There are other stores, smaller and less range, such as those service stations One, Delta and Total as well as 24/7.

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