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Attorney Accused of Sexual Abuse Suspended Three Months

It is amazing that people in Costa Rica get a slap on the hand for potentially doing bad things if they are in some sort of governmental or power position. And as always it is somehow tied into the Chinchilla governmental leadership.

The Criminal Court of San Jose suspended the head of the Civil Defense Office, Public Prosecutor, Max Chinchilla, for three month because he is being investigated for  alleged sexual abuse against two subordinates and  sexual harassment of three others.

Furthermore, the judicial officer is required to sign in once a month, to not approach or have contact with the victims and witnesses and to deliver a weapon registered in his name.

The court official was arrested at his office on Wednesday afternoon.

The lawyers had claimed they were working in the office and by the side of the chief suspect.

Chinchilla who heads the office is responsible for implementing civil actions instituted to recover on behalf of victims of crime.

Eugenia Salazar, deputy district attorney’s Sex Crimes, noted that although the attacks apparently occurred for several years, they were only reported by the victims on Tuesday.

The attorney general, Jorge Chavarria said that give protection and counseling services to those affected. The case also explores the Judicial Inspectorate.

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