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Attacks on Homes Increase Greatly in 13 Costa Rica Areas

Costa Rica News – Although the Costa Rican government wants to keep it quiet, crimes are being committed  in order to meet basic needs in life for the thieves.  More people are stealing in Costa Rica because of lack of good salary jobs and the fact that the cost of living in Costa Rica is getting to be higher than the base salaries for most Costa Ricans.

54.5% of the 1805 attacks on houses registered with the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) between January 2010 and June 2012 came in 13 areas in Costa Rica.

During those 30 months, 985 attacks were perpetrated homes in San José, Alajuela, Alajuela, Limon, Cartago, Pococí, Heredia, Goicoechea, Puntarenas, La Union, Curridabat, Perez Zeledon and Siquirres.

In 80% of those attacks on homes guns were used. The Judicial Police have arrested 214 suspects since 2010.

This fact that there have been 1805 registered home raids in this time period which is a greatly increased number than in the past  is not a good sign.

This is for several reasons:

1. The salaries in Costa Rica are not keeping up with the increased cost of living in the country

2. Theft and robberies are not really being combated and it seems that theft is becoming a way of life in CR

3. The Costa Rican Government is not thinking of their country when making decisions for example the increases in Riteve, Marchamo, and taxes

Costa Rica is on a negative path right now and unless the current government can pull it out of its downward spiral it is going to crash and burn.

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  1. dwayne said:

    Dan, Hi I think you need to add a few more reasons. I think number one there is no punishment. The Judaical system here give thieves a pass on about everything. Even IF they are caught the are released or some bogus sign in every 15 days what a joke.

  2. Jaime G Vargas said:

    Truth is if you live under siege, and that’s CR for you, it’s just not worth it, one should get out but it’s not always an easy thing to do; am thinking I
    will sooner or later..

  3. Jaime G Vargas said:

    Many items stolen even during a street mugging are not worth the bother of reporting. Absurdly enough the police and judicial system decide whether to arrest, prosecute or not based on the the value of the item. Cell phone robbery, yes robbery, not theft, does not qualify for prosecution. The felon is immediately set free. My daughter has already had two valuable phones stolen from her midtown. Unfortunately, she has no choice, but I do and something that I try to avoid like the plague is the city of SJO.

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