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Attacked Costa Rican Toucan Still Awaits Prosthetic Beak

Costa Rica News – The toucan who lost his beak due to abuse is waiting for his prosthetic implant, which will help him eat and groom alone.

costa rica toucan prosthesisThe colorful beak is also essential for defense and for attraction of a mate.

Without a beak, a toucan would struggle to survive. Even after the implanted beak is ready the toucan, “Grecia,” will have to live in captivity due to the severity of the injuries.

The veterinarian in charge says that the process of developing a beak is going well. Similar prosthesis have been previously created for an eagle and a penguin. The toucan’s new beak should be ready to test with the bird in about a month.

The main issue is that the toucan is not an adult yet, so the implant will need to be adjustable as he grows. Four Costa Rican companies have come together to make the 3D printed beak.

To help fund the care and recovery of this and other animals, you can donate to the Restoration Foundation of Nature at account number 205- 0015607-8 Bank of Costa Rica (customer account: 1520120500156 0784).

Photo by John Duran, La Nacion


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