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AT&T Coming to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – AT&T received permission to operate in Costa Rica. This company already operates in many countries, offering its service of data transfer via leased fiber links lines for a ten year period.

ATT costa rica 1The company filed an application on May 18th 2016.

The resolution of Sutel was easy because no third party submitted an objection.

Maybe this is because AT&T plans to work with public telecommunications networks of other operators.

The reason for this business model is because AT&T has an end customer developing operations globally and this company wants AT&T to be the one providing them with service in Costa Rica as well.

Back in 2015, the service of leased lines in the country fell 13% to just 14,000 subscribers, according to Sutel’s data.

The service revenues were around ¢38.000 million. AT&T will also expand its offerings in Costa Rica in the future.

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