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Atlanta Roofing Clients Beware of Storm Chasers With Hurricane Matthew Bearing Down

With Hurricane Matthew Bearing Down on the East Coast, Atlanta Homeowners MUST become aware of the “Storm Chasers” that will follow, most importantly, becoming familiar with the dangers they bring in their own Hurricane type fashion.

Hurricane Matthew has caused Florida to respond by requesting evacuation of certain areas. This storm WILL affect the Southeast, including Georgia. Heavy rains, winds, and possibly flooding, will be major parts of this storm. Roofers, contractors, and even insurance companies are preparing for the damage that will be left behind by this event.

In the Caribbean where it previously happened, it has left more than 269 people dead, who mainly resided in Haiti. The tropical storm-force winds have hit Florida’s east coast for some hours, and stronger force winds should soon follow.

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Beware of the Atlanta Roofing Storm Chasers

hurricane-matthew-atlanta-roofing-storm-chasers-1As you seek ways to mitigate the impact of the storm on your home, watch out of the presence of storm-chasing roofing contractors. Even though they understand the intricate workings of the insurance process, it is actually their credibility that has made contractors/roofers have such a bad reputation. While they may seem to offer substantial assistance, a vast majority are unscrupulous dealers. They target the elderly, seek upfront payments, negotiate for higher payments through hidden terms within their contracts, offer to pay your deductibles and exacerbate the damage. Whether in Costa Rica, or anywhere else in the world you have to be weary of scammers.

These “roofing contractors” move from area to area, following storms like the one that hit Texas recently, and now they will flood Georgia following this weather event, considering weather forecasts say to expect damage to exterior of homes. When they are finished with the work, they will be gone faster than the Hurricane force winds of Matthew. They have no reputation to maintain within the areas the work, they have no relationship with the installers, the literally have no ties or connections to the area(s) they move to and from. Therefore, they have no real commitment to performance that ensures the warranties like the local contractors who actually depend and rely upon their reputation to be successful for the long term.

While you might be desperate to get your roof restored, stay calm to avoid the storm chasers. Be sure to verify that the contractor is registered and licensed in Georgia (ask to see a copy of the business license which will provide the date of registry). Also, be sure to see if that contractor is insured locally, like All American Roofing & Construction. You should also ask for references, as an example, ask to speak with the vendors used by these companies (such as material provider), which is the best reference to ask for because anyone can provide you with 10 homeowners who were/are happy with the work that was completed.  Be sure to protect you assets with a company who offers the warranties and will still be local years later when reliability and accountability matter.

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