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Atlanta Roofing 101; What Does a New Roof Cost?

Atlanta Roofing – The roof over our head is our first line of defense against the most terrible weather condition Mother Nature can throw at us. We are protected from the biting cold wind, scorching heat of the sun, freezing snow and torrential rainfall because of our reliable roofs. In so saying, we know how important it is to ensure that the roof on our homes are in the best shape to protect our home, our love ones and all of our beloved possessions stored inside your Atlanta home. One of the smartest decisions we can make to safeguard our home is by getting a new roof and making sure regular roof maintenance, inspections and roof repairs are performed before the problem becomes worse.

In the United States the average price of getting a new roof is around $6,600, although there are some areas where people have to spend above or new roof cost Atlantabelow that amount. For example if you live in Denver, Colorado the average money you have to spend to get a new roof is $7,500, while if you are in Austin, Texas you can save some money because getting a new roof will only cost you around $6,100. However, you still have to take note that the mentioned prices may fluctuate due to certain determinants like the following:

  • Size of your roof
  • Steepness of your roof.
  • Installation
  • Materials Used
  • Code Requirements
  • Your location; material prices and roofer requirements vary per state or region.
  • Roof penetrations like chimneys, skylights and plumbing pipes need to be taken care of during the installation.

Get Your Free Roof Inspection
Before signing a contract make sure that you have checked with 3 or 4 Atlanta roofing contractors to make sure that you are going to pay a fair price for quality service. It would be helpful if you ask friends or relatives for recommendations but you can also check with the BBB if you have jsut moved to the area and need help locating an Atlanta Roofing Contractor.  

Cost Estimate

When you ask for an estimate from an Atlanta roofing contractor they should provide you the cost of repair or new installment project per square foot basis. Furthermore do not expect for them to itemize the list and invoice everything because it is not the norm. What you most likely will see are the following:

  • Cost of material that will be used
  • Accompanying materials for the top and bottom part of the roof
  • Protective elements for cold and hot temperatures
  • Removal of waste materials
  • Labor

If you have noticed, the list did not include any possible problem the roofer may encounter during the installation process; it could be issues with your gutter, chimney or other ventilation system which could cost you more than what you had anticipated. In any case, when the Atlanta roofer performs the initial roof inspection they will be able to point out certain roof problems and provide an updated quote. Watch out for Atlanta roofing contractors that low ball the estimate in order to get the work and then have you in a corner when the final bill is given to you with a higer price.

It may also happen that during your phone conversation you might be quoted $3000 but after closer inspection of the roofer you might be given a higher quote due to issues spotted by the roofer; problems with flashing, too many layers of shingles and some may need to be removed, pitch of roof etc.

Lastly, your roofer will explain that there will be an overhead cost, and to avoid any possible problem with your roofing project make sure that you include additional funds to what you were actually quoted.    

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