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Atenas, Costa Rica – Weather Favors Marriage

Living in Costa Rica – When it comes to coming to Costa Rica it can be quite difficult to decide what the perfect area for you live really is.  There are so many factors to take into account when making this decision. Each community is quite unique.

atenas-costaricaThree of the major factors to consider while looking for your new home in Costa Rica are climate, price and infrastructure.  Each of these varies a great deal from community to community.

You also need to look at what community truly fits your personality.  There are communities built on night life and tourism like Jaco or more conservative communities like Atenas which is known for the best climate in the world.

For the people in Atenas their climate is best, but beyond weather, the atmosphere of Atenas also seems to favor marriage.

In the canton of Alajuela where Atenas is located, one in three of its residents are married adults.

There are 8304 people living in the main district of Atenas.

“Conservative people live in Atenas and religion is very important,” says Edgar Gutierrez, director of the School of Statistics and research UCR Human Development Report.

In contrast, where there are less married in Talamanca, in the Limon Province where just one in ten of its inhabitants are bound by marriage.

In the country, just over one million people are united in marriage.

Being married is becoming increasingly rare.

In 1984 it was 52% of the population between 18 and 65 years of age. Today, the figure is 38%.

When relocating to Costa Rica is is best to rent and live in a community before making the commitment of purchasing a home.  Living some place for a little while will help you see if this community is right for you.

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