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Astronauts Coming to Costa Rica for Space Technology Workshop

Reaching the stars is no longer just a figure of speech.

franklin chang costa rica astronaut 1Costa Ricans dreaming of literally reaching the stars will get to spend a day with six successful astronauts from around the world.

The third Space Technology Workshop will be held next week here in our country. The National Stadium will hold the event on March 9th.

It is put on by the Strategy XXI Century Association, Ad Astra Rocket Company and the Central Association of Aeronautics and Space.

Franklin Chang Diaz, David Saint Jacques, Marcos Pontes, Kenneth Cameron, and Takao Doi are coming from Canada, Europe, Brazil, the United States and Japan to speak at the forum. Attendees will also be greeted from the International Space Station via video chat.

The Ministry of Public Education is managing the participation, which is geared towards high school students.

Direct questions to the panel using #AstronauTicos. Alternatively, you can contact [email protected] and [email protected].

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