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Astronaut Captures Aurora in Stunning Time-Lapse (Video)

World News – Have you ever wondered what those beautiful lights in the sky would look like from space… is your chance. 

An astronaut living on the International Space Station posted this stunning time-lapse video of an aurora –- an atmospheric light display far above the earth. Part-time social media maven and full-time astronaut Reid Wiseman posted the Vine from his perch aboard the space station on Thursday.

It’s just one of a series of auroral views that Wiseman has been passing along on social media. “Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this,” @astro_reid tweeted on Aug. 19. “10 minutes ago on the #ISS #aurora.”

NASA explains that an aurora is generated when clouds of gas from the sun collide with Earth’s magnetic field. Earthly observers living at high latitudes can see the auroral lights from below, but you have to be an astronaut to see them from above.

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