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As Jealous As A Costa Rican

Costa Rica News – For many people living in Costa Rica that have experienced the jealousy that is prevalent in the persona of many Costa Ricans. You will also find this characteristic in a multitude of gringos living in the friendly confines of Costa Rica, most due to the fact they are still recovering from their weekend binge.

You will see this in both the work place as well as in almost every relationship you attempt to have in Costa Rica with a man or a woman. The following are normal situations you will run into if you need to actually work in an office in Costa rica or decide to enter the Costa Rican dating scene.

1. There is a phrase often used, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. When entering an office environment where hard work and dedication are rewarded by advancement expect to be stabbed in the back a few times if you plan on getting a better position in the company.  Keep your nose clean both literally and figuratively as if a Costa Rican thinks you are going to get a position over him or her, they will use whatever dirt they have on you and make sure the supervisor or boss knows all your dirty little secrets.  This is a form of jealousy that you will need to overcome in order to advance professionally in Costa Rica, when working at a Costa Rican run company. This is true of many gringos that have been in these companies for a while as well, as it is part of the game.

2. When dating a Costa Rican woman expect a 3rd degree interrogation even if you are doing nothing wrong. jealousy Many Costa Rican have been screwed over so many times by both Costa Rican men and wanna be player gringos that you will automatically be labeled in that category.  If you go out with an old female friend expect to get home and be asked 30 to 50 questions about if you slept with her and if you did cheat you will get caught.  Sometimes I think that is why some guys cheat in Costa Rica, they know they are already going to get a game of 20 questions and a guilt trip when they get home, so they think might as well……

3. Now the fun part of dating a Costa Rican woman. If her jealousy was not enough for you, you will also get in most cases the jealous wrath of her ex-boyfriend or the father of her children that abandoned her during her pregnancy that does not provide financial support.  These exes are like little dogs peeing on their territory.  Many times they will make the relationship so miserable that you give up and move on.

Jealousy a very childlike attribute can be seen on a day to day basis in Costa Rica.  Last year 40% of the women killed in Costa Rica were victims of a jealous act.  In the last five years, of the 60 women that were victims of femicide 46 were committed by someone in which they were in a relationship.

The actual number of women killed in Costa Rica dropped from 64 to 50 from 2011 to 2012. The other reasons for deaths of females were fights, drugs use, assault and hitmen.  The final one was probably from a jealous ex as well.

Costa Rica is actually a very safe country when it comes to violent crimes.  Just do not go out and walk in dark alleys in bad parts of town or on the beach late at night.  Stay smart and always use the buddy system.

And finally do not date any women with ex drug dealer boyfriends with guns and women do not get caught cheating on your jealous Tico boyfriend. He will run home to mommy and cry on her shoulder before getting drunk and coming after you.  :::scary music playing:::


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