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Art Lives this Weekend in Curridabat

Paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, ceramics and glass pieces, photographs, textiles and design, will be presented in Curridabat and available to be viewed and enjoyed by the public this weekend. Experience the Art 2012 will bring together 40 visual artists and 10 designers in the Plaza del Sol shopping center in Curridabat Friday until Sunday in an artistic family fellowship.

As the artist explained Ana Beatriz Sanchez , organizer of the event, the selection was rigorous and involved artists established and emerging artists.

“The artists were selected for the quality and diversity of their work so that visitors have at their disposal many impressive artworks,” Sanchez said.

One of the main advantages of this encounter is the lack of intermediaries between artist and audience. “The goal is to allow people near the art: meet the artists, watch them work, ask them questions about their work and, if they are interested in his work, even negotiate prices,” said the organizer. The only gallery that shall contribute is Matiz.

This artistic event has been occurring 7 years and each expo focuses on a theme.

Products include clothing design (Love Petunia), bags (Cuero, papel tijera; Va de nuevo), handbags (Trash), glass (Fuscaldo), furniture (Duo, Mad Living), dolls (No me Llamo), t-shirts (Plivertees) and lighting (Looks).

Also participating as exhibitors The Hache Group specializes in artistic bookbinding and The APL group is dedicated to the rescue of antique items like trays, window frames and doors.

In addition, the Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists will give free workshops in glass painting, watercolor, pastel and postcards. The materials will be donated by Jimenez & Tanzi.

Viva el Arte 2012  can be seen from the Hours of 10 am to 7 pm

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