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Arrested FIFA Officials Including Eduardo Li Asking for Bail

Costa Rica News – Eduardo Li, and most likely all other arrested leaders of FIFA, will be applying for bail.

eduardo li costa rica FIFA scandalThey were arrested for organized crime including bribery and kickbacks that went back two generations of leaders.

Li is being held in a prison in Switzerland, where he was arrested. He has applied for bail on the basis of his age and health. His lawyer says this is a valid reason in any country.

He has diabetes and hypertension. A medical report explaining his treatment will need to be endorsed by a judge.

In many cases this type of request doesn’t work. It will be especially difficult since he is opposing the extradition process in order to be sent back to Costa Rica.

The judge will need to decide whether the formal requirements for bail are met, not whether the defendant is guilty or innocent.

Li’s lawyer believes the case against him is weak but may be extended because of how many officials are involved.

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One Comment;

  1. Jaime G Vargas said:

    Bail on account of age? Good Heavens, perhaps only under the obligingly permissive Tico standards! After all the man is only 57..
    Hypertension and diabetes are easy to treat chronic medical conditions. Ah, but In C R even murder convicts have been released to house arrest after having been afflicted from a single episode of skin cancer, surgically removed from the nose at that. Roque Di Leoni, administrative head of the C R Judicial Branch was the beneficiary of such laxity but I would not expect the same kind of leniency from Swiss authorities..

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