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Are You Taking the Costa Rica Pilgrimage This Year to Cartago?

Costa Rica News – If you are taking the annual pilgrimage in Costa Rica, you will have vigilance on your journey. 

romeria costa rica 1From July 23rd to August 2nd, 800 police officers will be ensuring the safety of religious pilgrims on their way to la basílica de los Ángeles Church in Cartago. They will be watching out for theft, substance abuse, and any other issues that may arise.

Cameras will also be placed at strategic locations. The Fire Department will have 13 mobile units and 44 firefighters including a paramedic available for the public. The Red Cross and PANI will also have representatives.

This year, Animal Welfare will have three stations to ensure the wellbeing of horses and household pets on the journey.

It is recommended that those participating in the pilgrimage stay hydrated and eat well beforehand, come in suitable clothing and footwear, and bring only the necessities with them. Remember to bring any medications you may need and to leave valuables at home.

Incofer will offer more frequent trains on August 1 and 2. They will go from San Jose to Cartago every 30 minutes.

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