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Are you Kidding? Six Months’ Imprisonment to Gulf Drug Cartel?

Sexually abuse a child, 3 months in prison.  Chop off shark fins, a slap on the hand fine.  Bring a one of the most dangerous drug cartels in the world to Costa Rica, 6 months in prison.  Does the government not see why people go to a life of crime here in Costa Rica? You can make a lot of money at it, the legal system most of the time protects you, and even if you get caught the punishment is nothing.  

The Criminal Court in Pavas imposed six months custody and to three Ticos and to five Mexicans suspected of integrating the Mexican Gulf cartel in Costa Rica.

The decision came yesterday during a hearing in the Court of Pavas in Rohrmoser. The prosecution had requested a year’s imprisonment.

The defendants named are the leader Garcia (aka Guero), Arias (coordinated local transfer of cocaine), Brenes (manufactured compartments in trucks to hide drugs), Rivers (driver, trucks carrying cargo), Peña (leader), Zataraín ( guarding drug), Checkpoint (front man) and Bonilla (set to locate apartments and rent them to hide cocaine).

The band was disbanded on Thursday, during 10 raids in San Jose, Paso Canoas, Perez Zeledon and Osa.They seized 45 kilos of cocaine, $ 37,742, ¢ 4.6 million, three cars, 11 cell phones, a 40-caliber gun and documentation.

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