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Are You Going to Costa Rica’s Whale Festival?

Costa Rica Events – Whale watching enthusiasts should be planning their trip to Costa Rica immediately. 

40,000 tourists will likely be at the Whale Festival, where dolphins are also seen, this year in Ballena Bay. It’s the eighth annual event. The event is the main activity for the town, which is found in Osa.

whale watching festival costa rica

The community is based on cetacean tourism that has a conservation focus. Small and medium enterprises in the area offer a vision of sustainability all the while offering humpback whale watching at affordable prices. 90% of the local economy depends on marine mammals.

They use quiet boats with reduced fuel consumption as to not disrupt the nature of the whales. They also work with scientists to study routes. The whales travel 8,000 kilometers to give birth and raise the calves between July and October.

Nationals and foreigners alike come to see the beauty and majesty of nature at its very finest. The festival will also offer a rock concert, face painting, sand sculptures and seminars.

The festival will take place the September 2,3,4 and the 9, 10 11 in the national park Marino Ballena.


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