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Are You Enjoying the Costa Rica End of Year Bullfights?

Costa Rica Events – Each and every year, bullfighters risk their safety and even their lives in Zapote.

This end of year tradition is known to send many to the Emergency Room, which has a special entrance for those coming in with bullfighting related injuries.

Due to new insurance restrictions, only 150 people can participate as improvised bullfighters. While 100 men and women do this for fun, the other 50 do so to get an “alguinaldo,” or Christmas bonus.

These payments are made to those fulfilling certain functions in the circle.

They tend to be $20 to $30. Renzo Retana, however, receives about $1,000 during the Zapote bullfights, as he is an expert in charge of rescuing those rammed by the animals.

Other who are paid include those who keep the area free of obstacles and those who call the bulls.

Some receive payments for wearing costumes of superheroes or comedy characters and others for wearing shirts advertising a company name.

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