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Another Increase in Costa Rica Fuel Costs?

Costa Rica News – You have to love how government owned business entities are run in Costa Rica, it is any wonder that private enterprise is able to in most cases is able to manage businesses with efficiency and in a manner that is at least trying to turn a profit.

gas price increases costa ricaICE makes no effort to improve its customer service and is now fairly rapidly losing its market share in the telecommunications sector of the Costa Rican economy.

The Costa Rican Petroleum Refinery (RECOPE) is now asking increases in the prices of gasoline as well as diesel for the 2nd time just in January. They are saying that it is necessary  to cover its operating costs.

Already in Janaury, the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (ARESEP) approved RECOPE requests for price increases, which will go into effect next week.

Those increases are expected to be ¢21 for super gasoline, ¢17 for ‘plus’ gasoline, and ¢20 for diesel, according to report by an ARESEP spokesperson.

RECOPE’s new request would raise fuel prices an additional ¢45 per liter in addition to next week’s hikes. They would take effect in around March.

Isn’t that great? So because they are unable to run their business efficiently and within a budget they are going to pass this onto the local public.  Great example to look at.  Another Costa Rican government entity with zero accountability for mismanagement.

Costa Rica already has close to the most expensive gas in the Western Hemisphere, over $5 a gallon. This will just increase it even more.  For those of you saying well I do not have a car so this does not matter to me it is time to use your brain.

Increased fuel prices means an increase in everything in both the private and public sector of Costa Rica. Delivery trucks have to pay more so food prices will increase. Bus fares will increase.  Taxi fares will increase.

The cost of living in Costa Rica is already one of the most expensive in Latin America and with more and more falling under the poverty line in Costa Rica this will have long term effects on crime. So why many people will just see the increase in fuel prices as something that is an inconvenience on the pocket book in Costa Rica, some of us can see the long term effects.

Perhaps it is time to open up the petroleum industry in Costa Rica to private enterprise.  Let’s not reward mismanagement of businesses that effect the daily life of everyone to continue to occur.







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