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Another Animal Attacked in Costa Rica; Sorry Mr. Armadillo

Costa Rica News  – An armadillo is now safe and sound after having been found injured and attacked by a machete on a property in San Bosco de Pococí.

armadillo-llevado-rescate-REINER-MONTEROA neighbor found him and called MINAE to come and transport him to a rescue center.

The armadillo was taken in a special cage so he could get medical attention in Guápiles.

Yesterday in the afternoon the armadillo was evaluated by a veterinarian. His nose had been close to amputated. 

He had his damaged nose amputated. The animal depends on his sense of smell to find food and make its burrows.

That means the injury is serious and he won’t be able to survive alone in the wild.

The population is asked to keep an eye out for animals in danger and report any found to MINAE.

Two police officers found a sloth on the road recently and were able to move it safely back to the wooded area.

Picture from La Nacion

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