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Another Angry Expat Speaks Out

We received this letter today from another expat this is a little bit annoyed with the ways things are not efficient in Costa Rica. Having lived down here over 6 years I feel her pain, but also know there is nothing you can really do about it except live with it and just laugh.  If you do not have a great sense of humor Costa Rica can drive you insane.

angry expat 1From the Reader:

Last September 2012, I sent in a complaint to Sutel concerning my electricity going off two & three times a week, for several hours each time, as well, as the electricity bills being outrageously high.  It is now March 2013 & I finally received a two page response concerning the matter. The two page letter explains everything I need to do to voice my complaint. Needless to say, they fall short of asking for my first born child. No wonder the service is so bad; they make it next to impossible to file a complaint. I wonder how many people would take the time to fill out their complicated requirements. So no wonder the service is so bad & their bills are so high. They make filing a complaint such a chore, by this time most people just give up.  Therefore, they have no complaints, so from their perspective, they must be doing a really great job.

Once a claim does get filed, what happens then?  Is ICE going to give better service, are they going to lower the cost of electricity? Seriously, do they do anything about the problems?  I think not! Why should they. They have a monopoly on electricity. They are the only game in town.

Having said that, I would like anyone out there who has similar complaints and has some time on their hands, to email your complaint & address it to Patricia Rodriguez Ortiz.

It took me almost a half a year to get to this point, so I would like everyone to help me mess with their heads a bit and request a complaint form.  If you take the time to fill out their stupid lengthy form, that’s even better.

Signed Anonymous – After all I don’t want them to turn my power off permanently.

Anyone have any suggestions for “Angry Expat”? Post them in the comments below.

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  1. Bear2010 said:

    GET some candles and a generator, The morons leave them on the side of the highway from San Jose to Jaco, ( for months at a time just sitting with nothing around) just get a truck and some night help and pick one up. There to stupid to miss it!!!!! Sorry if i have knowed you needed one i would have sold you the one i picked up!! CHEAP!! P.S they never knew it was gone. AS i said there idots!!! OR you could just move 2 countries south and relax!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck Bear down south!!!

  2. Tilaran said:

    Take whatever you can get and head down, or up, the road before whatever you have left is stolen or destroyed by the “utilities” incompetence..

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