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Ann Bender’s Husband Did Commit Suicide

Opinion – I watched the 48 hours mystery on the Ann Bender case.  I could tell she was telling the truth about the gun and the suicide.  So I knew there was something wrong.  I watched the show and had one clear question.  Which I figured the answer to.  “How and who determined the gun was shot from the right side of the head to the left.?”  That was the only thing which contradicted all of the evidence.  Okay I sorted it all out and will now describe it.

Ann Bender costa rica murder trial 1First, as in suicide, the husband shot the pillow, since that did not solve his emotional pain he then shot him self as all people explain with his left hand into the left side of his head.   This is where the inexperienced stepped in, and made the wrong conclusion based on the wound to the left side of the head.  A picture can much better explain.  But it goes like this.  When the bullet enters the head.  a larger caliber high powered bullet pushes blood and tissue in.  That Blood and tissue has to go somewhere, the shortest distance is back out the side of the head which it came from.  Creating a larger hole than a bullet.  I learned this from watching a show many years ago explaining this phenomenon.  Don’t take my word for it.  test it yourself.   take a one gallon Jug, fill it plump full of water, all the way into the cap.  Then shoot it.  one of two things will happen, the side of the jug the bullet is fired into will crack backward or the weakest seem of the jug will break open.  Because as I said when the bullet enters the water or blood and tissue has to go somewhere.  Now if you perform the test you will note.  There will always be a bullet hole out the back side.  same to as in firing into concrete.  the concrete explodes backward toward the direction the bullet was fired from.  you can also check out known cases where a person was shot at close range to the head.  The blood and flesh will come back ward.   
I also said to my self if the bullet went in as I was suggesting then there has to be a flow of blood out the right side of his head, and as I watched the 48 hours show I did see the picture which showed the high speed track of blood coming off the bullet.  “It is there”  as it left the right side of the head.  Again if you shoot a jug of water, most of the water will  go out the weakest part of the jug, the seam which breaks which may be back toward the direction the gun was shot from, and there will only be a bullet hole on the other side.  Do the test yourself. 
Any one believes he was shot from the right side to the left side, will never find the bullet, because they will be looking for it on the wrong side of the Ann Bender costa rica murder trial 2room.
Ann Bender is innocent of killing her husband.  She did not kill him it was suicide and with this information all of the facts fit together.  I hope that everyone is after the truth the real truth and nothing but the truth and will then understand Ann Bender did not kill her husband.  I also wanted to say that it is my believe that her and her husbands wealth belongs to her.  A trustee cab advise her  and may be even set up the account such that she can not spend more than enough each year to last her till she is a 110 years old.  and she her self should not spend more than ten percent of that per year.  Her Husbands money belongs to her she was her husband’s wife and her legal bills should get paid.
I would like to meet her some day.  But it is not necessary.
Please get this information to her and her attorney.  Don’t take my word for it do the tests yourself.  look at the picture you can see the high speed path of blood coming off the bullet as it left the right side of the head.  I saw the picture on 48 hours.  “It was there.”  It was a suicide shot into the left temple area and came out back behind his ear.  there was just a bullet hole behind his ear, as the test on the jug will show, always just a bullet hole on the back of the jug.
Pat Schottler

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