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Animal Welfare Law is Signed By President of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Yesterday, pets and their owners held a celebratory march on Paseo Colon, walking 400 meters alongside President Luis Guillermo Solis who would, at the end, sign the new Animal Welfare Law.

They showed up in great numbers, despite the threat of rain. Duke, the symbol dog against the maltreatment of animals, led the way.

Owners kept the street clean after their dogs.

Those present said things like “Our animals have the right to live with respect,” “punish those who want to hurt them,” and “today is a very special day.”

The National Association for the Protection of Animals and Animal Life was present.

The fines for mistreatment of animals are harsh and even include jail time. In addition, the President wants to deepen the school’s curriculum about animal welfare issues and insists that emergency treatment agencies care for animals in vulnerable situations.

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