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Angry Client Calls Tigo for Internet Being Down in Costa Rica – Privacy Laws Viloated

Costa Rica News – I think if you have lived in Costa Rica and dealt with internet providers we have all had this call at some point in time.  I know I did when I was working at home and internet service went out.

When they say it will be up within an hour or so then do not expect it back on when they say.

Audio from a Tigo customer service call has been released without authorization and this has led to insults in social media networks and telephone harassment against a senior citizen.

Eugenia Maria Cartin Barrios, age 72, works as a translator. She had called Tigo to complain about repeated failures in internet service at her home office that was affecting her work performance.

Somehow the call was published on social media. It included her full name, cedula number, address and phone number, typical information given in a service call. This is private info that was given out without her permission.

She knew that the call was recorded for quality assurance but Costa Rican law protects such calls, not allowing them to be legally shared with third parties without permission. She is getting lawyers involved.

You can listen to the phone call on Facebook Here.

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