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And This One Time at Band Camp……..

An unfortunate sexting of his exposed genitals to a former student exposed Colleyville Middle School Head Band Director John McDaniel to charges of online solicitation of a minor just days after he was named Teacher of the Year.

“I love the kid part of my job,” says the 32 year-old McDaniel in a video available at in the DFW area in Texas. “I get to see the look on their face when they’re successful and I get to help them out when they have a bad day too. It’s just the perfect job.” He also apparently gets to see their boobs.

McDaniel met his student victim when she was just thirteen and they began chatting on facebook. Now fifteen he told her she was pretty and wondered what she looked like naked. She shared some photos of her breasts which inspired him to pull out his pecker for the camera. Tough luck beckoned when one of the victim’s older brothers found the photo this past weekend.

The police described the incident as unfortunate, “When you send your child to school you hope that they’re placed in a safe environment and it’s unfortunate that this happens.” McDaniel is married and out on bail but perhaps not much longer. The police also speculate that there may be more victims. According to an officer from the Grapevine police department usually with the kind of people that perpetrate these kind of offenses generally there are other victims.

The school district says that McDaniel has been teaching there for three years and if the police investigation backs up the initial allegations they will terminate him. At the moment he is suspended from teaching there.

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