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An Intro to the CR Insurance Headache

Costa Rica News – The doctors in Costa Rica are top notch. The insurance, on the other hand, is a bit of a headache. You may have heard that everything you could possibly need is covered with the medical insurance offered by the government.

costa rica insurance main 1What you may not know is that you will have to wait years to get certain procedures.

If you don’t want to risk long waits you can choose to insure yourself with INS instead of CCSS. This would get you coverage in the private sector. They also offer auto and home insurance. Plans are most reasonable if they cover only Costa Rica or Central America. You can also purchase worldwide coverage.

Auto insurance works very well here. Less than 50% of motorists have voluntary insurance beyond the required amount so make sure you buy a policy that covers you if an uninsured motorist collides into you!

Home insurance covers almost any natural disaster.

Construction here is very strong but there are frequent earthquakes and floods so it’s best to have stable insurance, just in case. INS is reinsured by the largest worldwide companies.

Liability, equipment, theft, workers compensation, and other insurance types are also available, should you need them.

For insurance that can be used globally including Costa Rica check out Robert Clark Insurance. 

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