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An Artist’s Paradise; La Colina Lodge in Monteverde

Costa Rica Travel News – La Colina Lodge is different than other hotels in Monteverde because it focuses on supporting the arts as well as serving as a center for wellness and yoga retreats and workshops. You may have heard of La Colina before. La Colina was one of the first hotels in the Monteverde area, having been constructed in the ‘70s. You should know that they are now under new administration.

la colina lodge costa rica monteverde 1Mauricio and Kelly rented out La Colina, starting in January 2014, with the philosophy and goal of creating a gathering place for old friends and new, establishing La Colina as a center for the arts, celebrating local and visiting artists alike, and maintaining good energy with lots of love for all who pass through.  To every extent possible, products for use in the hotel and restaurant are locally sourced, and within the year they plan to be using food from their own garden.

The new purpose designated to La Colina is a place that’s centered around the arts, focusing on work from local artists. One of the ways they accomplish this goal is with the Feria de Color, the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, which celebrates artists, local agriculture and musicians. It’s a day of fun for the whole family!

The lodge has a fabulous yoga studio that is really spacious, being the perfect space for a group yoga retreat or workshop. It is available for instructors of all types looking for a space for a retreat. Some workshops that have been held there have featured topics such as medicinal plants, essential oils, meditation and yoga. It is also used as a concert space for musicians, whether local or passing through. There is live music on Fridays and a nice dinner to follow. Some of the ingredients come from their own and other local organic gardens.

The hotel is a great choice for those wanting an option really close to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and away from the hustle and bustle of the Santa Elena town. It’s also in walking distance to some great tours, like the Bat Jungle and the Monteverde Cheese Factory, and restaurants, like Tramonti. The rooms are very cozy and comfortable. You can choose a room with a shared or private bathroom. Breakfast is included in all rates. If you are a Costa Rican resident, you will get a special discount.

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