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An Artistic Intervention at Costa Rica’s Central Market

Costa Rica News – The Central Market in San Jose, Costa Rica has undergone an artistic intervention.

Central-Market-San-Jose-Costa-Rica 1The Maseca company proposed the idea of painting murals inside and they, along with Pub House, sponsored the program.

They started with five of the locales. All five bodegas accepted the idea and allowed an artist to paint a beautiful mural on their infrastructure. What used to be a mess of metal and power lines is now gorgeous designs in the colors that represent Maseca.

The artist and some assistants cleaned up the areas and did some minor reparations. They moved some cables and began their “muralist intervention,” as the artist, Mariela Montoya, calls it.

Montoya is best known for the mural she made in 2013 at the amusement park. It shows attractions and zones of the park.

The work in the Central Market was not easy because they had to work on scaffolding.

Now that the five bodegas are getting so much attention, Montoya is sure to get calls about expanding the project.

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