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Amazon to Hire 1000 Workers for Costa Rica Call Center

Costa Rica Business News – INC, the world’s largest online retailer, announced that it has opened its fourth call center in Costa Rica.

amazon jobs costa ricaFor this new facility, the company plans to hire 1,000 new workers, bringing its total investment in Costa Rica to $19 million. The company said that it will offer seasonal as well as full-time jobs, with open dress code, paid training, transportation, doctor on site and other required amenities. By the end of 2014, the company plans to employ more than 3,000 persons in Costa Rica.

Management stated that the new center will support all businesses in Costa Rica, including coffee cooperative Coopronaranjo, dairy giant Dos Pinos and handmade jewelry manufacturer Mebkiki, along with Amazon sellers all over the world. These call centers are important for providing the level of service that Amazon sellers and businesses have come to expect from the company.

In order to develop its leadership position in Costa Rica, the company has been spending heavily on new call centers. In 2008, the company had opened its first customer service center in the region and since then, it has opened four call centers across the country. The company has been offering support to millions of customers and sellers in the U.S., Spain, Mexico and Brazil.

We believe that to remain at top, it is important for Amazon to maintain its U.S. market share and expand globally. For this, the company needs to invest more in call centers, fulfillment, and technology and content, especially in international markets where growth rates are likely to be higher.

Though the increased expenses could hurt the company’s bottom line in the near term, we believe these investments are necessary to maintain its dominance in this highly competitive market.


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