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Alternative Costa Rica – From Finding Rose Gold to Eating in a Tree

Costa Rica News –2016 was the biggest year on record for tourism here in Costa Rica, largely led by visitors from the UK and China. With 2.9 million gracing our nation (up 10% from 2015), it’s clear that our Central American country is of interest to many different types of visitors and so their approach is not going to be “one size fits all”. Luckily, nor is Costa Rica itself, and outside of the large tourist attractions like Tamarindo Beach and La Fortuna Waterfall, there’s a wealth of versatility waiting to be discovered off the beaten path. 

HDR Sunset, Costa Rica

“HDR Sunset, Costa Rica” (CC BY 2.0) by kansasphoto

Piscina De Los Pobres

This literally translates as ‘Pool of the Poor’, but then they do say that the best things in life really are free. Located just 8 miles away from La Fortuna, avid lovers of both nature and hiking will fall in love with these natural hot springs, formed where two thermal rivers meet and merge.

Blink and you’ll miss it – many tourists do. Once you spot a yellow gate, you know you’ll (literally) be on the right path to finding this hidden beauty.

Bingo Multicolor San José

If you’re exhausted even looking at the maps for yet another hike, there are plenty of other options, indoors. Bingo, music, food and even karaoke, this is the ultimate center of fun, and the reviews are great. There’s a bingo caller so that you can enjoy things the traditional way with playing in groups, or for the solo traveler, there’s the option to play e-bingo alone as well.

These days, bingo is all about having a laugh and can be enjoyed by all ages and people from all backgrounds. If you’re short of a bit of practice, Sun Bingo has many different games on offer such as the Showboat Room and the Glamour Room to get you in the sunny spirit for both your trip and playing. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the different kinds of bingo games before you go (and avoid making a fool of yourself when you get there).

Bahia De Los Piratas 

If you’ve not been living under a rock, you’ll know that rose gold is THE color to obsess over in 2017, and so if you want to see it up close and appearing in nature, Bahia De Los Piratas is definitely the place that you’ll want to be. Sand this shade is super rare, as is such unspoiled beauty in many more touristic areas across the world. This is the place to get the best pics and videos with your GoPro – at Bahia De Los Piratas you’ll get exactly the kind of serenity you want to capture for more than just memory, but forever!

You’ll find plenty to do, from snorkeling the crystal blue waters, through to kayaking, paddleboarding and more. You can even ride a horse up and down the beach, for a true fairytale trip. Thanks to the one, solitary and secluded hotel on the beach, it’s the perfect spot for a romantic getaway.

Barra Honda 

The Barra Honda National Park is an absolute hidden gem, home to some of Costa Rica’s very best caves. It allows for a full day of exploring, adventuring around and taking it all in.

Of course, there’s only so much that you can see in cave formation – especially when just one of the 42 formations are open to the public – so it helps when you have other options, too. There’s a dry forest, home to plenty of plants, and even cacti. You might also meet some new friends, thanks to monkies and bats all over the place.

Tree House Restaurante & Cafe

It’s been called one of the most bizarre restaurants in the world on Trip Advisor, probably because you can eat your dinner in a tree house.

After a long day of hiking, swimming or otherwise venturing across the beautiful country, everyone’s got to eat! You’ll be spoilt for choice thanks to a range of meat, vegetarian and local dishes. The setting is pretty unique, so it’s one for the bucket list.

Costa Rica is becoming more and more popular, and as it does, so will these attractions. You might want to head there before everyone else does!

Costa Rica... No artificial ingredients!

“Costa Rica… No artificial ingredients!” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Wha’ppen

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