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Alleged “Hidden Money” in Costa Rica Elections Campaign Funds of Lady Laura

Costa Rica News –  I am going to make the educated guess with all the corruption that has entailed Laura Chinchilla and her band of thieves that there is a lot of hidden money from the campaign financing. With no campaign financing accountability laws or pretty much any Costa Rican government accountability laws at all, what and you expect.  

The former head of PLN’s campaign in 2010, René Castro, now sits on the bench of those appearing in the committee of MPs investigating the financing of the elections.

Castro, the first foreign minister and now Minister of the Environment, will answer questions from opposition MPs about the alleged use of additional bank accounts to handle campaign money and contracts apparently “disguised” to pay for transport.

The truth is this questioning will go no where as the people that set up these accounts and helped hide the money know that there is more coming in the the next election.  Also they know if they tell the truth they will lose the money they already made from this scam and nothing is going to happen anyway to Lady Laura.

Castro confirmed his account of Facebook to assist explain everything at your fingertips, avoiding the “circus”, as they call PLN deputies to the demands of the opponents of the commission.

Sometimes “someone tries to convert the ‘accountability’ in a circus, but are the least and the public was given less and less to laugh thank you,” Castro wrote.

Last Monday ex-treasurer of the PLN, Jorge Walter Bolanos, denied that there were alternate campaign accounts for President Laura Chinchilla.

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  1. gordon said:

    I think the PLN party leaders control the President and her goings on. Lady Laura is only the figure head. What is he pay off? Well a hefty life time pension over 10K and benefits. Connections and business dealings after she out. Maybe a few speeches about the wonderful job she did as president. However, The PLN re gears another to tow the line and siphon off the money. Greed selfish pigs.

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