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Alibaba Starting a Platform in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – The Chinese company is the world’s largest business to business website.

alibaba costa rica 1It is now opening its platform to Costa Rican companies at a promotional rate of 50% off a gold membership. has 5,900 product categories across 39 industries.

It’s an international trade platform that allows wholesale and retail trade of raw materials, clothing, machinery, electronics and agriculture, among many more options.

The portal is used in 190 countries and has 100 million users. It dispatches 12 million packages daily and handles 10 million daily quote requests. plays a large part in retail sales in the world.

This opportunity allows Costa Rican products to be connected with large chains on the international market.

A company wanting to join the service must pay $719, have a Costa Rican product, assign a bilingual representative, complete a form and register product and payment information.

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