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Agua de Pipa; CR’s Natural Hangover Cure

Costa Rica News – Many of us have woken up within the borders of Costa Rica with a pounding head and blurred vision after a night of partying.  If you happen to be laying on the beach after another long night in the land of Pura Vida, a cure for what ails you might only be a few feet away.  

agua de pipa costa ricaOne of the best drinks you can try while laying on the beach and enjoying the beautiful Costa Rican weather is coconut water, commonly known as “agua de pipa.” People in tropical countries like Costa Rica have been drinking coconut water forever while other countries have made it a trendy drink. Agua de pipa is the liquid inside a young coconut that can have many health benefits for those enjoying of the cooling refreshment.

Natural coconut water has become popular in other countries where it is not produced and for a good reason. The water contains many minerals and it is especially rich in the B vitamins. People constantly compare the water to sports drinks because it contains many of the same energy elements to reboot your system; nothing comes close to the natural hydrating coconut water. Not only is agua de pipa all natural but it also contains high levels of potassium, antioxidants and electrolytes. The high levels of potassium help athletes prevent muscle cramps. It is low in calories and carbohydrates, and rich in flavor.

In tropical areas where coconut trees are everywhere, locals have been using the water for remedies and recovery of infections like the flu. Fans of the drink claim it is good for the digestive system, it can have a laxative effect, while others swear it helps you stay young. Those loyal to the water use agua de pipa to hydrate, stay cool and healthy.

In Costa Rica you can find fresh coconut water everywhere, but generally the places that will guarantee fresh water are the stops on main highways and local shops near or on the beach. If you get lucky, there are some places where someone will climb the tree to get the coconut and it is cut in front of the customer to guarantee its freshness.

Tourist will often drink water as a cure for a hangover and many claim it works, so the next time you visit Costa Rica do not take that “hair of the dog” shot to get rid of your long night of drinking instead make sure to stay hydrated with coconut water.

By Brenda Sotelo

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