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After a Month Shipwrecked Men Arrive in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – One morning in January Carlos Luis Aguirre Venegas and Juan Francisco, brothers, set out for a four day trip, without thinking they were about to have the worst encounter of their lives.

la nacion shipwrecked costa ricaIt turns out that their boat had faced engine trouble and the currents dragged them to Mexican waters.

Being shipwrecked for such a long time was a terrible start to the new year.

They only had meals for four days and water for five.

They ate turtles, tuna and marlin.

They were found in the Pacific by a Mexican tuna boat.

The fishermen rescued them. They were brought to the Caldera Pier on Saturday, after being lost at sea for over a month.

They’ve been fishing together for 22 years and never had any trouble before.

They are happy to be reunited with family and both say they will continue to work as fishermen, the only trade they know.

Picture by Andres Garita, La Nacion

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