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Advice for Landlords & Tennants When Renting in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Living – It’s a real guessing game to rent a home or apartment. You never know if the homeowner actually cares to take care of the property or is one who falls behind on repairs and doesn’t put any effort in.

renting in costa ricaAlways read your contract carefully and try to get a good feel for how respectful or difficult the landlord is because by the time you get to court over a contract you will have already left a terrible place years ago.

If the contract is not clear, the law states that the tenant will pay all utilities except water, which is paid by the landlord unless otherwise stated in the contract.

Make sure that you negotiate the price and details well because contracts are valid for three years.

For landlords hoping for good tenants, it is advised that you check references and proof of employment, be clear and detailed in the contract, and require a deposit of at least one month’s rent.

You are entitled to visit the property once per month with an appointment to check the condition.

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