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Advice: Finding a Place to Live in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica’s such a beautiful country. There are tons of opportunities here. When I first moved here I lived in a hostel for a month before finding a place to rent. There are things I’ve learned you need to consider when trying to find a place to rent in Costa Rica.

places to live in costa rica 1First, decide where to live. Searching is hard work, so it’s best if you narrow your hunt to one or two areas. If you have a job, move close to it because traffic during peak hours makes for a terrible commute! Towns are farther apart than they look on a map. It takes forever to get even a few kilometers by bus.

Next, determine your budget and what kind of housing you are looking for. Do you want roommates? Do you want to live in a host home? Do you need your own place? Sharing a house or at least a kitchen with some other people will drastically cut your rent; if you have a host family feeding you that will cut your food costs significantly!

Rent a place for a short time. Don’t sign any 3 year contracts. Test the place out, get to know neighbors and the culture, and see how long your commute takes. Once you decide on an area check for rentals online, at grocery stores, in newspapers, and by walking around asking people in that area if they know any places for rent.

A couple pieces of advice that I found helpful: Keep in mind that unfurnished places often come without appliances! Places are often different during the day compared to at night, so visit at a few times of day before deciding it’s for you. If you have a vehicle or bike make sure the rental comes with a secure place to lock it up. Lastly, when you find the place you want read the contract carefully and negotiate the price down.

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