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Admiral Markets Releases Several New Trading Instruments and Improves Its Trading Conditions

World News – Admiral Markets has long provided some of the best products for Forex trading. With easy functionality and features for the MetaTrader 4 platform, Admiral Markets products have been at the forefront.

In our globally connected world, Forex trading should be easier than ever. Online trading has made global markets immediately available. Modern traders everywhere have been using Admiral Markets products to instantly conduct trades.

Now Admiral Markets has released brand new trading instruments, and has improved trading conditions.

Forex instruments

Admiral Markets products – both Admiral.Markets and Admiral.Prime – have offered access to the world’s largest markets. Their instruments have allowed you to leverage up to 1:500, giving you a profit potential of 500 times.

You can start trading with just 200 EUR, with no commission.

Commodity CFDs trading instruments

Now Admiral Markets offers Commodity CFDs trading, on hundreds of barrels of oil or pounds of gold. Investment starts at 200 EUR.

Admiral Markets’ featured Commodity CFD products are:

Gold: Gold spot CFD (100 oz).

WTI Oil: WTI crude oil spot (100 barrels).

Index CFDs trading

Admiral Markets products give you access to the advantage of broad moves in the stock market, with CFDs on benchmark indices of the world’s largest financial exchanges. Leverage of 1:200 is on offer, providing profit potential of 200 times your balance. You can trade with no expiration and no commission, starting at just 200 EUR.

Admiral Markets’ featured Index CFD products are:

DJI30: Dow Jones Index CFD, cash (USD).

DAX30: DAX30 Index CFD, cash (EUR).

NYSE trading admiral marketsShare CFDs trading

Want to trade CFDs on the world’s most famous bluechips? Now you can do so, and benefit from moves in any direction with Admiral Markets Share CFDs trading. Get leverage of up to 1:10, trade in any direction, and earn dividends on long positions without ever owning having to own stock.

Admiral Markets’ featured Share CFD products are:

NASDAQ: Share CFDs on the top US IT companies.

NYSE: Share CFDs on US bluechips.

Bond CFDs trading

Admiral Markets products bring you the advantage of trading CFDs on government treasury bonds. Get leverage of up to 1:100, trade in any direction, and with no commission.

Admiral Markets’ featured products are:

T-Notes: 10-year US Treasury Note Futures CFD.

Bund: German Bund Futures CFD

More ways to earn money

Everyone wants to earn more money. The massive advantage of online trading is that you can do so without quitting your dayjob. Now, with brand new instruments included in Admiral Markets products, you have even more ways to earn money.

Get trading today, on one of the featured products. You’ll soon learn how much is on offer.

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