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According to the USA Money Laundering in Costa Rica Cannot Be Contained

Costa Rica News – The Department of State of the US criticizes Costa Rica for being unable to contain the growth of money laundering within the national territory.

money laundering costa ricaAbout $4,200 million is laundered in Costa Rica annually.

A study found that international criminal organizations are being increasingly attracted to Costa Rica because of both its location and the limited action in place against such criminal activity as money laundering.

Much of the money laundered in the country comes from online gambling, which is not illegal in Costa Rica but is illegal for US citizens to participate in.

One woman was convicted in 2014 for scamming victims into paying to collect winnings. At the current time, Marisol Carvajal, the manager of a sportsbook, is in question for money originating from Malta and the UAE.

There were nine convictions of money laundering from 2014-15 and there are 129 cases under investigation. There are not enough personnel, only 25, to handle this. The OIJ does not expedite such cases.

Property can be forfeited if the owner cannot prove a legitimate origin of the funds but this is almost never enforced.

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