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A UFO Hunt in Grass Valley

Ghosts & the Paranormal – On this day and night, we visited four cemeteries. They were: Elster Memorial Cemetery; Loney-Sanford Ranch Cemetery, Historic Indian Springs Cemetery and the Historic Clear Creek Cemetery.

ufo-sighting-grass-valley 1There was one cemetery in which Hi-Pee and Princess Hannah were chasing an unseen thing. They then cornered this unseen thing and I snapped a photo. There was nothing in my photo, so what were they chasing? Was it a ghost? I bring the dogs to the cemeteries, because they have natural ESP and dogs and various other animals like cats and horses can detect an entity or entities. Deanna was detecting an area of the cemetery where she felt nauseated. The same area Jaime felt dizzy.

I attempted to get an EVP at this location and obtained an EVP that says “I died”. At another cemetery, Deanna felt an odd sensation and I was able to obtain an EVP that said “Harold” after I asked the entity what his name was. Dusty found 3 gravestones in which a father was buried with his 2 young sons. The 2 young sons died an early death, so most likely the father visited the graves of his 2 young sons and was anguished by their deaths. This deceased father’s middle initial is “H”, could H stand for Harold? At another cemetery, Dusty obtained an EVP that sounds like a gasping sound by a female. When he obtained this EVP, we were standing over a grave of a woman that had a gravesite filled with crystals, her name was Janie (not Jaime – like Dusty’s wife’s name). Janie’s real name was LaVonna. Jaime discovered this grave and Deanna visualized the grave turning to water with a dark blue, and then sea green colored gentle waves. Deanna later visualized seeing the dirt underneath the grave, but no coffin.

When Deanna saw this she felt a feeling of being sea sick on the water. Is it possible that LaVonna may have drowned in the ocean and that there is no body at this gravesite, because her body was actually lost at sea? Jaime theorized that there was no body at this gravesite, because the middle part of the grave was nothing but a hole. We also obtained an unintelligible EVP, I could not make out the word or words. Hi-Pee on 3 different occasions had foxtails in his paws that made him limp. Deanna came to his rescue all 3 times and took out those nasty foxtails. Hi-Pee was like the lion with the thorn in his paw and instantly bonded again with his savior. 

With night vision goggles, telescope, binoculars, signaling lights, cameras at the ready, we started observing the night skies. We saw over 34 satellites, a few drones, some conventional aircraft. The strange things that we saw was one satellite that was very bright, then blinked out. Was this a satellite or a UFO? Then we saw 2 satellites following each other, then one powers up and then the other one powers up. Again….was this satellites or UFOs? I don’t know of any satellites that ‘power up’. Beale AFB is nearby, so possibly UFOs may be observing the activity at this base. One can only guess. We saw other satellites that powered up and we have no explanation for it. Our UFO Hunt ended at midnight and it was time for the long trek back home. Another UFO Hunt under my belt with no clear cut answers on what we saw.

On this night, we did our UFO Hunt at Rod’s grandparent’s home and we had a full view of the night sky. Close by is Bald Hill. Rod mentions that there is a lot of paranormal activity at Bald Hill. I made contact with Nian Wisenhouse, a former resident of Grass Valley. Nian says that one time he camped out near Bald Hill with his high school buddies and they saw Shadow People moving about in the trees and bushes. Nian confirms that Bald Hill is truly haunted and he feels it has to do with the native American Indians that once lived on this land.

While observing the night skies for UFOs, Rick Eddy tells the investigators a true paranormal story. Rick knows of a house that constantly catches fire in the same location of the house. There is damage where the fire is located, but there is no damage to the house that is away from the fire. Like with Spontaneous Human Combustion where the victim catches fire and nothing around it is damaged, the same thing goes with this house. The fire always occurs in one part of the house and the rest of the house is left untouched. It’s a baffling mystery for the firefighters. The firefighters do not know what is causing this frequent fire.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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