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A Tour Tracing the Steps of the Costa Rican Murderer Beltrán Cortés

Costa Rica Entertainment – Do you want to follow in the steps of a murderer? Do you like hearing stories about killers like Jack the Ripper? Then this tour in San Jose is for you.

Costa Rican Murderer Beltrán CortésIt was 1939 when three murders forever changed San Jose. One was of the beloved Doctor Ricardo Moreno Cañas, the first physician in the country to perform open heart surgery.

Though many years have passed, the story and the myths surrounding this time are still very much alive. A group in Northern San Jose has dedicated themselves to preserving history and promote the area. They are now offering a night tour that retraces the steps of the murderer, Beltrán Cortés.

Beltrán Cortés was a convicted Costa Rican murderer and was one of the most famous former prisoners of San Lucas Island. At the age of 20, he had 3 surgeries performed by doctors Moreno and Echandi; In the 1st surgery the doctors surgically wired his right humerus and then he had two follow up surgeries. The surgeries failed.

Cortés became obsessed with the failed surgeries over time and ended up killing both of them.He also killed his police partner Benjamín Garita Ramírez while on duty.

A guide will take participants around, recounting the details of the murder and explaining significant events. It will be up to the participants to tie up the loose ends and decide which myth, of the many presented, is true.

The event will start at Parque España at 6:30 on Tuesday and it will end an hour and a half later at Wok & Noodless. It costs 4,000 colones to participate, which includes a snack tasting. Last week, they held the same event and had 100 guests.

To get your ticket for this week’s tour call 2222-7548 or email [email protected].

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