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A Taxi Problem; More Costa Rica Legislation With Poor Execution

Costa Rica News – If Costa Rica has to rescind every law that they pass and cannot put into effect, there would be very few pieces of legislation in effect… least that is what it seems.  

costa rica airport taxiThere are 100 taxi drivers who, although previously being given permission, are now not able to work at the Juan Santamaria Airport. A year ago they earned the right to provide service there, but they have not received their permits.

What’s wrong? The system has been suspended. Since some irregularities were found, there has been a stop to giving out the permits, the last formality in the process of being allowed to work in the area.

These drivers are paying for the taxis they cannot drive. They have loans on them and fees to store them. The rightfully angry drivers took to a protest yesterday in Zapote, outside of the Presidential Palace.

As a result of the protest, the government agreed to address the issue next week. There must be an action taken by the Court to allow the formalization of more permits. This is because false documents were found in 40 applications.

40 drivers falsified English diplomas and were granted a permit code to provide transportation to and from the airport based on those documents.


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