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A Solitary Life in Costa Rica with a Smile

Costa Rica Editorial – The most widely read article over the past few days was a “social experiment” by the publisher of the website that published it.  Angered readers have sent emails asking for what seems like a simple request……please say you are sorry.  This however will never be stated from the owner of this website so you might as well quit asking.

costa rica sunsetNo matter how much we know that the publishing of this old news article was a mistake that turned into a viral article it will never be admitted as the truth and admitting error would mean having to basically put pride to the side.  This will not happen with this publisher so we should all just move on.

Let’s be honest the Tico Times and La Nacion will continue to dominate the English and Spanish News markets respectively. Every once in a while the others will get a widely read article but it like Miley Cyrus’ fame it will soon be gone once the next scandal happens.  There is room in the market for everyone and no one is just going to one place to read each day.

I received an email on Monday morning stating that I am just a just someone that “blogs in their underwear for a living.” Tell you what, I am good with that.

If I can get through a day in Costa Rica and not have to try to overcome drama or have to fight off angry readers with emails that is a good day to me.  I am not trying to rule the country and for me a good afternoon is eating fish tacos, watching the sunset and maybe going for a swim.

I will admit I do have a temper and when I receive back handed emails if I respond right away I am usually feeding into the games of people that feed of having a life filled with drama with an emotion filled email.  I have been called arrogant and conceited but the truth is I do not really enjoy being around too many people.

There are so many people in Costa Rica that think they know absolutely everything and will continually try to let you know that.  I am by no means perfect and will never say that I am.  But I am happy getting up in the morning and living a life of solidarity in Costa Rica with a few interactions with other sprinkled in.

Isn’t that why many of us came to Costa Rica? To get away from the stress filled life of always wanting more when you can be content and happy with what you have.

There are a few rules in life to follow. Treat others like you want to be treated, stand up for family and friends (family is not necessarily blood), follow your dreams, and if you find true love grab it and hang on to it forever.

If you can wake up each day with a smile on your face looking forward to greeting the day then you are doing something right. Other people’s drama and negativity will always try to make it’s way into our lives. If we are able to not let it effect us that is the key to remaining happy.

So as I sit here and blog in my underwear I smile and know that tomorrow morning I can go watch the sunrise over the ocean if I want to or take an afternoon nap if that strikes me as something I want to do.  There is only so much you need in life to be happy and most of those things you need cannot be bought with money.

Remember you get one chance at this life so live with no regrets, treat others with kindness, and don’t blink.

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