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A Single Man’s Dream – Sexy Latina Working Girls in Costume; Costa Rica’s Halloween Festivities Begin

Costa Rica Entertainment – We all have been to the college parties where the women dress up as a sexy nurse or a sexy witch or a sexy police officer.  But you have not truly experiences Halloween as a single (or perhaps married and bored) man.  Around each and every turn whether you are in downtown San Jose or Jaco, there is a beautiful Latina in a costume that is bound to turn you on. 

sportsmens lodge halloween party costa rica 1This Costa Rica Halloween party does is not a one day event…… it starts this weekend and continues through the 31st so you are guaranteed to get your fill of gorgeous…….mostly working girls in costume.  That sexy demon at the corner of the bar is most likely just waiting for you to ask her to take that costume off in the privacy of your room.

Although the party kicked off last night at the Del Rey with their beautiful bartenders dressing up, you still have time to join in the fun.

The Pre-Halloween celebration continues at the Del Rey on Saturday as well as an Angels & Demons themed party at the famous Sportsmens Lodge. The festivities begin at the Sportsmens at 7:30 and include a bikini contest, DJ, and free drinks for the ladies.  We all know what happens at any Halloween party when the term “free drinks” is part of the night.  Expect a multitude of scantily clad women dressed up in their costumes at the beginning of the night and for not much of those costumes to be left on by the end of the night.

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In San Jose, Halloween themed parties continue on Thursday and Friday of next week…..just in case you missed the first weekend or in most cases are coming back for more. The Del Rey will again have it’s sexy bartenders in costume (who by the way are worth the trip downtown alone) on Thursday and Friday night. While you are down in the area you can check out the walking dead on the streets.

If you are looking to start early on Halloween and continue through the night you might want to hit Zona II.  The party will celebrate Zona II’s one year anniversary. It starts at 2pm will include catered food from La Amistad from (3 to 6 pm) as well as 2 for 1s all day, raffles and a free suite giveaway

The party does not stop on Halloween night. It continues through the Day of the Dead…..November 1st. Zona II is again the place to be at 2pm, but pace yourself as the main event does not start until 8 pm at the Sportsmens Lodge. If you are too drunk to find your way the plan is to have a limo service take clients from Zona II to the Sportsmens Lodge……what happens in the Limo stays in the Limo so bring a friend for the ride.

This will be the 10th Halloween Party at the Sportmens Lodge, which has become famous for the many gorgeous Latinas dressed in their non-Sunday best Halloween costumes. There will be drink specials and of course the infamous costume contest.  You will not want to miss this as it will be ingrained in your mind forever.

If you happen to be in Jaco for Halloween just head down to the main strip.  Each and every bar will be celebrating with hot women in skimpy costumes. The don’t miss location that truly is every man’s Halloween fantasy, the Hotel Cocal.  Every girl there is there to be taken home and her costume will be on the floor by your bed with very little convincing……

So enjoy, it’s once again time for Halloween Costa Rica style………….

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