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A Review of The 2014 Vida Sana Festival in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News & Events – This weekend we celebrated the International Day of the Indigenous Towns. These types of towns constitute 5% of the global population, and 15% of the poor people in the world. The Samadhi Center of Costa Rica organized a nice event in honor of this special day.

festival organico vida sana costa ricaThe event was called “Festival Organico Vida Sana.” It was a gathering in which all were able to enter for free and/or camp out for just 5,000 colones. This fee was well worth it because it gave access to the bathrooms and a pool.

The pool was fed with all natural spring water. It was freezing and so refreshing. After a dip in the icy water, many guests participated in the “Temazcal,” an indigenous sweat lodge type ceremony that uses steam and herbs to purify oneself.

Those who wanted to were even able to learn how to make the all natural structure that the Temazcal is held in.

The 2 day event also consisted of a concert by a band called Jirondai, an ancestral ceremony with representatives from the BriBri, Cabecar and Terraba tribes.

There were a few free yoga classes and workshops and talks about subjects such as mandalas, health food, art, and social networks. There were organic gifts such as plants and seeds, indigenous snacks, health food, and natural lotions.

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