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A Problem with Theft in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Costa Rica has a law where if you steal something under the value of $1000 it is considered petty theft and is not considered a crime that can be punished. This causes a quite a problem when it comes to petty theft in Costa Rica, be it iPhones, laptops, cash, or other small possessions.  

petty theft Costa RicaA buddy of mine and I were thinking about forming a business where tourists and locals could enjoy inner-tubing down one of the rivers in Costa Rica.  They could do like what we used to do in Texas, rent tubes for about $10 a piece and spend 3 to 6 hours with a cooler full of beer relaxing and enjoying the flora and fauna of Costa Rica or just getting drunk and enjoying the day with friends.

As we began discussing this idea we ran into 2 major problems.

1. We knew that finding an unpolluted slow moving river river (not dangerous rapids) was next to impossible in an area that would entice people to take a short trip from San Jose to partake in the activity.

2. We knew that if we had for example 1000 inner-tubes that we were renting out, about 10% of them would be stolen each weekend.

Ticos in most cases do not need the items they steal they just take them because they can.  I confronted a Costa Rican once about why many steal so much and it is not about necessity, it just because they want to see what they can get away with.  He told me they consider it the fault of the person that they stole from that that item was left unprotected.  Also when they are caught it is not that they feel bad about being caught for doing something wrong, it is they feel bad for being embarrassed for being caught. Strange coming from such a devout Catholic society, but I think that some of the most religious people are also the most hypocritical.

The reason for this article was something I saw today in regards to manhole cover theft in Costa Rica. Constant stealing manhole covers, mainly in Alajuela and Cartago, that are taken to iron smelters is causing new manhole covers to be made ​​from polyethylene.

The National Roads Authority purchased a number of storm sewer lids made with this polymer.

In this way protects the security of the citizens and will discourage theft, as the new covers can not be recycled.

The first three were placed yesterday on route expansion Carthage-Paradise, and it is intended that each time one is stolen that it will be required that it is  replaced immediately.

So instead of passing a law that punishes people caught stealing these the CR government would rather spend more tax player money just replacing the ones that are stolen.  Perhaps you should fix the problem instead of putting a band-aid on a laceration.

Always remember to lock your belongings in a safe in your hotel room.  always lock your rental car and put any valuables in the trunk. Do not leave any valuables on your towel on the beach.  I would carry a copy of your passport and leave the original in the hotel safe.  Just because you are on vacation do not leave you common sense at home.


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  1. dwayne said:

    A friend of Mine Alfi has a small B&B downtown. He was having things go missing from his hotel. He caught the maid . She apparently goes to confession once a week get absolution from the priest and then her soul clean after doing the hail Mary’s. Alfi said doesn’t the priest insist on you returning the items she said no he never mention that. He of course fired her and she then filed a denucio on him, he won but go figure!

    I use to have a small pizza party in my house and later found things missing.. Now when asked about the next one I say let’s go to your house I bring the dough.. That ends that! Tico’s and gringo’s alike know having others in house only causes problems especially when invited guess bring their friend and “girlfriends” .

    The manhole covers. OIJ/ MOPT does not seem interested really in tracking don the thieves and smelters here. Most likely they know it their cousins involved and all. This is a real safety hazard next to drunk drivers. I also told they are trucked to Nicaragua and smelted there. Put a device into the cover and follow the trail.

  2. Tilaran said:

    These aszaholes can not maintain an internet connection. You expect tracking manhole covers ?

  3. dwayne said:

    I only suggested in the area they are being stolen on a daily basis to figure out a away to tract them. more for public safety. Of course that is too complicated for the OIJ to do and or not THEIR dept…. Internet not going to kill you or physically harm . Driving and hitting a hole causing accident another story, Only wishful thinking at best.

    • Tilaran said:

      Put the flag away. 440 or 880 on every man hole cover is a solution.
      Good thief ? Dead thief.

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