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A Paranormal Investigation With Good Day Sacramento

Ghosts & the Paranormal – It was fun investigating a home in Elk Grove with Melissa Cabral and Scott of Good Day Sacramento. HPI Paranormal Investigator Lori Schulz of The Dirt showed up for the investigation. HPI Paranormal Investigators Teresa Rosales and Emilio Rosales did not show up.



They were supposed to get a ride to the investigation and their ride flaked out. HPI Paranormal Investigator David Cruz was supposed to have shown up and he was hit hard with the stomach flu. Then Deanna and myself, had a hard time getting to the investigation on time. It was like something was trying to hold us back. Lori Schulz almost did not make it, because one of her friends passed away and she was heartbroken about it.

HPI Sensitive and Co-Owner Deanna Jaxine Stinson did a walk through and picked up on a large lady by the stairwell and come to find out there was a cabinet at the stairwell location and inside of the cabinet was an urn. In that urn was the mother of Marie Davis – Occupant. Marie said she was a large woman, native American. Deanna was right on the mark.

Deanna took a photo of a designer orb in the backyard. In the designer orb was a distinct face. We captured about 6 unintelligible EVPs in the backyard, bedroom and bathroom.

Laurie Rutledge – HPI Researcher from Texas says that the occupant’s previous home was built in 1968. This home had 55 tenants and 4 of those tenants died while residing in this home. If they died at the home is open for question. 1 tenant died of liver cancer. When we first investigated this house, Deanna’s amulet that she wore around her neck started moving. Cold chills were felt. Two entities seemed to haunt this home, one entity looked like the fictional Slenderman and the other entity looked like a female Beetlejuice that called herself Amy. Laurie says that there is a demonic entity named Amy (that can project herself as a female) and then become Avnas – a male entity). Amy aka Avnas – governs 36 legions of spirits. It appeared that Amy aka Avnas was the entity that seemed to possess Marie’s daughter Farrah.

On this night – Farrah seemed to be possessed. Lori Schulz and Farrah’s mother Marie Davis stayed to her side and kept praying for her, until she finally got better. While this was all happening, Deanna and I started the investigation. At one point of time, Farrah requested writing paper and pen. She was able to do some automatic writing that said after she finished writing: “always watching us; different shapes; close to Davis”; other writing on first sheet of paper in unreadable. 2nd automatic writing document reads: “somewhere a woman; different people; yes; one of them – he; mens”.

On this night Deanna did a palo santo wood cleansing and I conducted a Roman Catholic blessing. We did a hedge-of-protection prayer circle at the time of departure.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)!/groups/HPIinternational/

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