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A Little Info on Retiring in Costa Rica

You are about to retire and wonder if you can make it on your retirement pay. Over 20,000 people have already thought the same and realized they could live much better in Costa Rica. Taking your pension money to a place where locals make only 400-600 dollars per month can get you a luxurious lifestyle.

Costa Rica has other benefits along with lower cost of living. It feels like spring year round (or summer by the coasts), there are doctors who have been trained in the US, public transportation is easy, there is safe drinking water, and there are many cultural and recreational activities. In addition many people speak English.

You may want to come on a 3 month tourist visa to check out a few different locations before buying property here.

You may wonder how much does it cost to live well in Costa Rica. The generally accepted answer is 1200-1500 dollars per person per month, although with 2 people living together the cost per person decreases. Many people choose to move to the central valley, near lake Arenal/Monteverde, or in one of the beach communities on the Pacific side. In these places you will find most people speak some English. Each offers a different lifestyle and price range. You should spend some time in each before settling down.

However, these numbers $1200 to $1500 gets you the bare minimum in Costa Rica.  You will not live much of a luxurious lifestyle.  If you are bringing in about $3000 a month per person that usually covers the cost of living in a more lavish lifestyle in the land of Pura Vida.

As for costs, you can expect to pay at least $800 for rent, $50 for health insurance, and a lot more than in the US for food. Services like gardeners and housekeepers are only $2/hour. To buy a house can cost between $35,0000-$500,000 depending on location and type. Get financing from the States and professional help from a Realtor in Costa Rica to help with purchasing a home.

Come check it out for yourself and see why so many tourists and retirees come here and why the life expectancy is so high. Enjoy the tranquil pace and lifestyle, the interesting culture, and the activities available at natural parks, beaches, and volcanoes.

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  1. Tilaran said:

    But the locals live 6 to 10 per household. They live way better than some brokeazz gringo with $1400 a month in liquor money.

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